And the story goes on.

I haven’t posted in awhile as much has been going on. In July we had a huge family reunion at our house. It was great fun with up to 20 friends and family staying at our home. My in-laws and relatives stayed at the table playing cards over a period of five days. There was lots of food, fun and fellowship. I just didn’t realize they could play cards as much as they did. During this time frame, I was having some pain in my leg and actually had just finished physical therapy.

The pain in my leg seemed to continue to grow and I just assumed I had done too much getting ready for the family reunion. After about three weeks of rest and relaxation, I decided to go see the doctor and have him check out my leg. I was scheduled for an appointment in September so a month early wasn’t too bad. The doctor took an X-ray of the leg and told me the bone wasn’t healing. It seemed it had healed to a point and just stopped. I was surprised as I had never heard of such a thing. I mean you break your leg and just assume the bone heals itself. He said that he would look at it again in March 2019. As I left his office I thought, ”this is bullshit”. I’m not waiting until March 2019 to find out what is going on.

I searched through my list of doctors I had seen in the pass. I came across an orthopedic doctor I had seen a few years ago when I had a bone bruise on my knee. I made an appointment and when I arrived and he heard my story advised he could not help me and referred me on to an orthopedic cancer doctor. I did not know such a doctor existed. I guess I should have checked out available doctors.

This appointment was an interesting process. He ordered a scan and said that if the bone had indeed stopped healing, an another surgery would be required. The scan did indicate that the bone had stopped healing so on October 1, I had surgery. He replaced the hardware and drilled a larger opening for the hardware and that’s where I am now. It’s been six weeks since I had surgery and I’m meeting with my doctor within a few days. He will take a X-rays and order a scan and we will find out the status of the healing of the bone. It seems that a bone not healing isn’t such an odd thing. In fact, the doctor has been quick to tell me this might not work and the bone might now heal. I haven’t asked what will happen then as I’m afraid to know.

This has been a long process as it is now nine months since I originally broke my femur and quite frankly I’m exhausted. I know my husband is ready for me to be back on my feet as I am. He has been a rock through this process and we have had our laughs. I will always be thankful for all that he has done for me as well as keeping me laughing as that has been the best thing he could do for me.

Thanks for following and I’ll keep everyone updated on the rest of the story.

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