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Everyone assumes cancer treatment is just chemo and/or radiation. It is so much more. There are weeks when I have doctor visits just about every day. I’m not sure this is bad or good as you are so busy you don’t have time to worry about what is going on. You just put one foot before the next and keep moving. 

Recently my numbers have dropped so two weeks after treatment I’m back at the clinic for blood work to check my numbers. If they drop too low, my treatment is adjusted to accommodate the change. I hate changes in my treatment so i worry over this. Here’s my schedule for the past several weeks. 

Appointment on Tuesday to check numbers. Report comes back they haven’t changed so I’m thankful for that. I’m taking Vernezio. Its a new drug released in April 2017. My first scan showed active cancer cells up and down my spine. My oncologist referred to it as “your spine lit up like a Christmas tree”.  The thing I like about Dr. Chua, she is straight forward and doesn’t sugar coat anything. I’m not sure if she is like this with her other patients but with me, she is. It’s how I like it. So my numbers are not the best but they are not the worse so treatment continues as planned. 

On Friday I have a PET scan. Its been six months since my last scan. This scan tells us if the cancer is back and active. After the first scan which showed my spine, “lit up like a Christmas tree”.  I had another three months later and nothing was visible. The drug was working. My scan was clean. What a relief. So its now six months later and its time for a follow up. I see the oncologist on Tuesday and will get my results from the scan then.

I’ve started seeing a chiropractor. Since the second surgery on October 1st, the plan has been to proceed slow and steady.  I was on the walker for a month before moving to the cane. I have three canes stationed around my house and one in my car. I could probably walk without one but i don’t want any stress on my leg at this time. I see the chiropractor twice weekly right now. His treatment has helped with stiffness in my neck and overall body. The most exercise I am getting right now is walking up and down the driveway while Bella, my miniature Schnauzer, takes care of business. We live out in the country and have a very long driveway. I try to make it three or four laps around each time we venture outside.  Its funny how you think you are invisible, but recently one if my neighbors noted she saw me walking up and down the driveway with my cane. So since the plan is slow and easy, I’m seeing the chiropractor twice weekly. This week my appointment is on Monday and Thursday. 

Tuesday I have my treatment at the clinic. Since I’m taking Verzenio twice daily, I go into the clinic for two additional drugs which combined with the Verzenio and keeping me cancer free. These two drugs are administered monthly one by an infusion and the other requires two shots, one in each hip. Have I told you that cancer treatment requires you to keep a sense of humor. Otherwise, you could get depressed and that leads to more problems. 

Wednesday is my free day. It seems I don’t have many free days but when I do I really cherish them. 

Thursday I meet with my orthopedic cancer doctor to check on the healing of my femur. Since the bone stopped healing last July, these appointments bring a bit of stress. I’m constantly trying to be aware of my body and what’s going on. Any aches and pains are thoroughly reviewed and noted on a calendar. But I’m feeling good and have not experienced any problems since last month. When I enter the patient room my X-rays are up on the computer monitor so I sit in the doctors chair and am examining the X-rays when the doctor walks in. He laughs and asked my opinion. I tell him the left side of my femur looks solid white which indicates new bone growth. The right side still looks rough. He expands on the image and shows me that healing is taking place just slower than the other side. Its looks like cotton candy. But its healing so I’m excited. 

Thursday afternoon I meet with my chiropractor for our second visit this week. I’m feeling so much better since seeking his treatment. More fluid and less sciatic pain. 

Today is Friday, no appointments but a few errandis to run. Treatment is so much more than chemo and radiation. I’m setting my bike back up on the trainer which will let me get some different exercise in as well as I purchased a TRX Home system which I’m so looking forward to using. Like anything else, the healing process involves so much more than just doctor visits.

Thanks for reading and I’ll Talk to you next month. 

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