After the break!!

When you break a major bone in your body you expect some issues in healing and your mobility. What you don’t expect is a leg that is totally useless.

When I woke up after surgery I was unable to move my right leg. I could wiggle my toes and move my ankle but that was all. I couldn’t lift my leg or move it all all. It was like a huge log attached to my body.

At one point it slid off the bed and I couldn’t stop it. I was yelling for Rob to help and although he immediately jumped up to assist me, I was horrified I could do nothing to stop my leg from falling off the bed. The fact that I couldn’t stop or control my leg was frightening.

I just couldn’t get over my inability to move my leg. After a few days they were able to get me up using a walker. This was so humbling. I was able to move from the bed to the chair and back to the bed. Even with using the walker I still couldn’t lift my leg to get back into the bed but I could walk from point A to point B.

So since I could move from point A to point B, they decided it was time to go home and I was so ready to go home. As I walked into our home and looked down the hallway to our master bedroom, I almost burst into tears. It was about 40 feet away but felt like a mile. I looked at Rob and said, we didn’t think this through. I’m never going to make it to the master bedroom. It took awhile but I did finally make it to our bedroom. I climbed into bed and thought this is going to be a nightmare. Just doing everyday functions was exhausting. Everything was in slow motion.

I came home on a Sunday and had appointments already scheduled that coming week. I was scheduled to meet with my oncologist and she has appointments scheduled for me. The first big test was a CAT scan to see if the cancer had spread beyond my femur.

A physical therapist had been scheduled to come to the house and she came out immediately to discuss the plan. She came twice a week and each time she came she gave me new exercises. I was sure I would not be able to do them but that just wasn’t the case.

Moving forward, I worked hard moving around the house and going back and forth to the doctors. I started radiation and chemo and began adjusting to my new routine. What a journey. It’s hard to stay focused on moving forward when you just feel so lousy.

Radiation was going to be eleven treatments and chemo was an oral tablet taken twice daily.

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